The Life Truths Of It All

Let me start with I am 55 and I announce this for the youngers who think they have it figured out. Trust me you don’t! Even at this age, I am still learning and getting my shit together. Truthfully, I’ve probably learned more in the last ten years than at any other time of my life. While I don’t regret a thing, I do wish I’d learned these life truths earlier.


No matter who you are that is who you should be. We talk a lot especially online and in the spiritual community about being authentic and that it happens over time. That might be a little true when we are young we are becoming as we always are but we know certain things at the core.

It happens because we want people to like us and we are told very early to be certain things. Once you remove the noise and just stop caring about what other people think it will change everything. I tried fitting into so many molds and what ultimately happened was unhappiness for me and for others.


This is a simple one. We are brought up to get educated and get a good job. In order to do this we are taught to work hard and if we work hard we will succeed. What we aren’t taught is how to have a healthy relationship with money and how passion drives success. There is a difference between working smart and working long. The answer isn’t burning yourself out. We work as if the world is going to run out of money.

life truths

Money is actually everywhere and it’s almost like a by-product it isn’t the meaning of success. You will never have enough money. Passion is actually what drives us to succeed. Loving what you do actually pulls it all to you. I have actually made more money doing things I loved and understanding what money meant to me.

It’s a side benefit and I understand that money provides freedom for the life I want. Doing what I love determines the quality of the work I do. It isn’t necessary for me to kill myself in the process. I don’t worry about money, I always know it will show up and just the right time. Why would you be rewarded with specific talents and skills otherwise?


life truths

I wish I had known that I don’t have to be in a relationship to be loved or successful. It took me a long time to grow from the Cinderella Complex and be my own hero. I read recently that the relationship you have with yourself is your first marriage. You absolutely cannot be successful in relationships if you don’t pay heed to that.

  • You show others what loving you looks like by how you treat yourself
  • Some relationships are just lessons to help you heal
  • Everyone loves different
  • Safety is the most important element of relationships
  • When people show you who they are- believe them
  • When people hurt you its about them-not you
  • You are your first priority
  • True love is peace
  • Love is a choice

Timing Is Everything

There is nothing more important than time and we seem to waste so much of it waiting- ever notice that?

There is a time for everything- I line this up to say let things and people go that don’t value you or your time because you can’t get it back. I used to be so afraid to lose people yet I expected to at the same time. This definitely comes from my childhood but imagine just waiting for people to leave and holding on too tight- it’s exhausting!

So value your time and don’t wait- what you lose is always replaced in one way or another.

I hope this helps and you will share some of your life truths with me!





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