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Self Care & Why It Matters

Life is so busy, right?  Between work and everything else we have to deal with it is endless until we get burned out and unhealthy- and it will happen. If we don’t take time to care for ourselves honestly we are no good to our jobs, our family, our partners, and our friends. Self-care should be our first priority but it seldom is. We put it off..lemme just get these ten things done first-we are killing ourselves with it.

self care

Sure, you could do yoga and meditate- you definitely should but even that gets boring-am I right? Self-care doesn’t have to be boring it should be fun and not time-consuming. I think that’s why we put it off. I don’t have time, I don’t have time. You absolutely do have time.

Dance It Out

Its been proven that shaking your money maker helps release trauma from the body. Even when we get rid of stress it sits inside us it really does. Dancing works that Sacral Chakra and keeps it open which keeps you healthy and creative. It balances your emotions and makes you happy, energized. Hip circles and shimmy goes a long way.

Express Your Creativity

I think a lot of the time some don’t take up creative or artsy projects because they think you have to have talent..It’s about the joy of creating- nothing feels like it. There are so many ways to express yourself creatively that are fun and fast.

  • Draw a picture
  • write a song
  • write a story
  • paint
  • cooking and baking
  • decorate
  • paint rocks
  • start a collection
  • make videos

I think you get the point.

Learn Something New

The Internet is filled with free learning. There are sites like Alison Online Learning and Udemy that offer low-cost courses to learn something new. The whole point is to learn something you’re interested in but don’t necessarily need. Even YouTube is a good resource- well of course they have a how-to on everything.

I have done this so many times and I can’t even tell you how many things I’m certified in that I will never use but it was never about that for me. As a Spiritual Coach, I literally bumped into my love of spirituality and its many tools online for free. Though you might not need it- definitely it could change your life as it did mine.

YouTube also has free full audiobooks from famous authors. It’s unbelievable how many free resources are out there.

Unusual Things You Might Not Think Of

Try ignoring people! I know I know..seriously though pick a space of time in which you just decide you are not dealing with anyone at all. Go somewhere and scream really loud. Throw rocks. Spend a few minutes every day just cursing. I remember once a friend and I had an entire conversation just cussing each other out for no reason. Of course, you are not serious so there is no harm- well maybe sometimes you are (giggle) I kinda thought maybe they were a little in hindsight but it still feels good.

Watch something funny- it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you laugh. I do this every night before I go to bed.  Have a good cry. I think we should all do this at least once a month.

Be A Child

Do something silly- especially something you think a child might do or you did as a child. I wish I still had the fearlessness of a child. Go to a playground, swing on the swings, and look at the sky as if you were flying.

self care

Lastly, read- read every day for at least an hour! Self Care doesn’t have to be complicated and it is a must to fit it into your schedule.






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