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And so it begins again! Yes again. This isn’t my first go-around with blogging. For quite a few years I was active in blogging which led to taking it pro and just like that it ended but like all bad pennies I’m back!

I had a few blogs but some might remember “Womanpulse”, That was my lovechild and like all children it grew up and forgot about me, just kidding- life happened. I was dealing with so much in my life when Covid hit and the pandemic changed everything for me. I had to focus more on my family and personal life.


I can’t tell you how I missed it and what it meant to me. I learned so much just from the simple process of sharing my thoughts and ideas with people. The reason I came back is because blogging changed my life in ways and the people I’ve met through it have had such an impact on my life. Writing and connecting on a creative level is connected to my heart.

I recently saw someone I had initially connected to through blogging go back to something creative they felt passionate about and it was bittersweet for me- reminding me how passionate I was about it so here I am!


What You Can Expect

A little everything! This is a lifestyle blog so I plan to cover all topics from Beauty & Wellness, Travel, Saving Money, Reviews, and Relationships to my personal musings and lessons on life. So come on this journey with me.



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